Title: iPhone 5 Movies: Delicate Steve Plays Ramones



I still have an iPhone 5. Yeah, you heard me correctly. I said FIVE!! It does not function very well these days. Some apps have stopped working, download speeds are super-slow, and the camera is seriously outdated. An upgrade is most definitely on the horizon. Before that can happen I decided to salvage my pics and videos. When this phone goes to phone heaven I am going to make sure I have my memories locked and loaded.

My phone has lots of photos and videos of bands I have seen over the last 6-years. Because it's an iPhone 5 the quality is not very good. That is especially the case in low light situations. Even still, I have some clips that are worth sharing. I thought it would be cool to turn them into blog posts.

The first post in the "iPhone 5 Video Series" is the guitarist Delicate Steve at The Earl in Atlanta Georgia. The date of the show is March 12, 2017.

At the end of this show the band played a few covers. The first was Little Richard's "Tutti Frutti" and the next was Ramones' "Judy Is A Punk". If memory serves the next song was The Who's "My Generation". Just as it started my phone battery called it quits for the evening:-) 

Delicate Steve Playing Little Richard's "Tutti Frutti"

Delicate Steve Playing Ramones' "Judy Is A Punk"
Delicate Steve Music Video

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