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The first t-shirt in our series of Album Title T-Shirts is “When I Was Born For The 7th Time”.

The band Cornershop released When I Was Born For The 7th Time in 1997. Fusing western rock and pop music with Indian instrumentation and Eastern-accents, the record is a perfectly balanced fusion of its diverse influences.

When we decided to turn the title of this album into a t-shirt design we knew the perfect artist to help us. Dani Loureiro is a super-talented illustrator living and working in Portland, Oregon. Her ability to capture the essence of the album with her thoughtful design exceeded our expectations.

As we release Dani’s design to the public, we thought it would be interesting to share the process involved in designing the shirt.


We talked with Dani and fleshed out some basic ideas for the shirt. We decided she would produce a text piece but would also include a graphic element. We sent her a few images for source material. We were off to the races.


Dani sent us a first draft that instantly let us know that she understood what we were looking for. The typography and imagery had just the right look and feel.


We L-O-V-E-D Dani’s first sketch. My only feedback related to the proportions of the number seven.


Dani made some subtle edits to her first sketch. Pleased with the results, we agreed to start thinking about colors. We decided this shirt should be colorful and decided to use a pallet of 5 to 6 colors.

Real Cool Vibe - Album Title T-Shirt - 2nd Draft Design


Dani sent us a hand colored version of the design. Her choice of colors was ideal. With the design complete and the colors chosen the next step was turning the design into a digital image that could be edited on the computer.

Real Cool Vibe - Album Title T-Shirt - 3rd Design Draft


The fourth sketch is the first computer-generated version of the design. Using a scanner, Dani turned her hand drawn artwork into a digital file that she could edit in Adobe Illustrator. With Illustrator, Dani was able to redo her hand drawn line work and paint the image.

Real Cool Vibe - Album Title T-Shirt - 4th Draft Design


You can imagine our surprise when we opened Dani’s fifth and final sketch. The colors looked amazing. Oh yeah, she totally redesigned the tigers, turned them upside down, and added a bunch more detail. What was previously a great design was now a true work of art. We are so pleased to be able to share it with you!

Real Cool Vibe - Album Title T-Shirt - Final Design


Album Title T-Shirt Cornershop When I Was Born For The 7th Time

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