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I have been taking photographs since my early teens.  Before digital photography, when I used to shoot film, I had my own darkroom and spent many weekends taking pictures and making black and white prints.  

It tool awhile but I have slowly embraced the instant gratification of digital photography.  All things considered, I think I prefer the way things used to be.  I like Photoshop as much as anybody but there is something magical about standing in a darkened room and coaxing images from a blank piece of paper.  Digital photography can be a truly artistic medium but it lacks the tactile aspects that I loved about processing and printing film.

Mostly I photograph things that interest me.  Amongst other subjects, I photograph bands, performance artists, and various elements of urban culture.  Some of my photos were published in the current edition of The Streets magazine.  You can check it out here: THE STREETS

Here are a few images that did not make it past the magazine's editor.

Street Performer, Venice, California - Early 90's

Street Performer, Venice, California, 1992

Hello Kitty, Lisbon, Portugal, 2011

Hello Kitty, Lisbon, Portugal, 2011

Mexico City, 2013

Market Vendor, Mexico City, Mexico, 2013

Shrine, Los Angeles, California, early-90s

Shrine, Los Angeles, California, early-90's

Bullet Lavolta, Woody's, New York, New York, 1989

Bullet Lavolta, Woody's, New York, New York, 1989

Nasty, Phoenix, Arizona, mid-90's

Nasty, Phoenix, Arizona, mid-90's


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