Title: Cornershop - When I Was Born For The Seventh Time - T-Shirt



Here at Real Cool Vibe we love to make lists. Examples include; "Best 90’s Rap Albums", "Best Movie Comedies", and  "Best Art Books of 2016". After a recent effort to create a list of Cool Album Titles we had an epiphany. These titles would be great source material for a series of t-shirts.

Once we made our list of album titles we reached out to some of our favorite artists. Our goal was to match each artist with an album and concept that best aligns with their aesthetic. 

Our first t-shirt in this series celebrates an album by the band Cornershop titled "When I Was Born For The Seventh Time". The album was released in September of 1997 on UK based indie label Wiiija Records. It is a unique and brilliant fusion of rock music, beats, and traditional Indian melodies.

Upon its release the album received a boat-load of critical acclaim. Famed music critic Robert Christgau of The Village Voice called it "international pop so seamless that its fusion of alt-rock, Punjabi melody, and hip hop is subsumed into its own song-based catchiness". Following its release the album was ranked at number three in the The Village Voice's annual Pazz and Job critic's poll. Similarly, Spin magazine ranked the album at number one on their list of "Top 20 Albums of 1997".

The art featured on this t-shirt was created by Dani Loureiro. Dani is an illustrator and designer from Cape Town, South Africa who currently resides in Portland, Oregon. I am a long time fan of her work and I was thrilled when she agreed to collaborate on this project.

You can purchase Cornershop's "When I Was Born For The Seventh Time" t-shirt exclusively from your friends at Real Cool Vibe. 


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