Planet Three (Adult) | Julian Hanford
Planet Three (Adult) | Julian Hanford

Planet Three (Adult) | Julian Hanford

This playful photographic image actually deals with the artist's sincere attempt at inward reflection regarding the human race and modern society.  The question the artist is asking is, "how would we look to visitors from another galaxy"?

Artist Profile

Julian Hanford is a self-taught artist who had a distinguished career as an award-winning Creative Director in British advertising.

Five years ago he left the world of commercial creativity to concentrate on conceptual photography.  He has since moved into utilising his talent for ideas and visual communications to forge a meaningful body of fine art.

His practice involves combinations of different media, with a bias towards photography, but embracing the imaginative contemporary use of image manipulation. His work seek to explore the relationships and mysteries of humankind's changing relationship with, and understanding of, the universe in which we exist, and the illusions and self-delusions we have so far traditionally held to be true.

Artist Statement

"What on earth are we doing on this planet? How would our flawed civilisation appear to visitors from another world? This is a voyage of discovery for two young intrepid explorers from a distant galaxy, discovering the ironies of life on Planet 3"


Hahnemüle Pearl (285gsm) has a smooth orange peel texture and a bright neutral white base, it creates really natural black and white images and offers vibrant color reproduction and great detail too. The paper is resin coated with a fibrous feel. The satin finish of the resin coating gives depth to the image which combined with the texture and vibrant color reproduction give the image the feel of an oil painting.