Title: Best New Album Releases : September 2017



When you ask people what type of music they listen to they will usually mention one or two specific genres or say they listen to a bit of everything. I tell people I only listen to one kind of music. Good music. I choose the music I listen to based on emotion. I seek out music that makes a visceral connection.

At our office in Atlanta we keep things fresh by seeking out new releases and continuously updating our playlists.  Since you are not here with us, we decided to use our blog to bring the music to you. 

Here are a few of our favorite albums released in September of 2017.

Floating Action – Is It Exquisite?

With a musical style that includes elements of folk, soul, southern-rock, gospel, surf, and bedroom lo-fi, Floating Action is one of contemporary music's most interesting, prolific, and creative artists. Writing, playing, recording, and producing Floating Action's recorded output is a singular individual named Seth Kaufman.  With a deep and consistently excellent back-catalogue of music, I suggest you listen to Floating Action’s releases in chronological order and prepare to become a fan-for-life.


Delicate Steve – Cowboy Stories

Another contemporary artist doing something fresh and original is Steve Marion aka Delicate Steve. His instrumental guitar music features stylistic elements ranging from progressive rock, African rhythms, and surf music.  The vibe and melodies on this record feel like they could have originated from Laurel Canyon in the the 70’s. This 4-song EP is the perfect introduction. If you like this record, Delicate Steve's 2012 release titled "Ramona Reborn" is highly recommended.


Luna – A Place of Greater Safety

Releasing music on-and-off since 1991, the band Luna has some classic records in its extensive catalogue. 1994’s “Bewitched” and 1995’s “Penthouse” are both highly regarded and made plenty of college radio “best-of” lists back-in-the-day. This new release is a slight departure for the band.  Their typical output over the years could be described as guitar based dream-pop-indie-rock . These six songs are all instrumental tracks. For those situations when you want some rocking background music you could surely do worse.  


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