About Us

Real Cool Vibe was born in the summer of 2017. We might look like a big company but actually I am a one-man show with a couple of great Interns and a passion for design.

My vision for Real Cool Vibe is rooted in a profound appreciation of both art and popular culture. Since I was a child I have loved going to art museums. Typically a highlight is visiting the museum gift-shop. These highly curated stores do a nice job of sourcing products that marry art with world-class design. When you see Real Cool Vibe’s products in the gift shops at MOMA or the Tate Modern you will know we have made it to the big-time!

At Real Cool Vibe our mission is to bring art and design into your every day world. We come up with ideas for products and partner with our favorite artists to bring them to life.  Then we share them with you.

I hope you will follow along as Real Cool Vibe evolves. We have some great products in the pipeline and a whole lot of cool vibes to share.

- Howard

Howard Levenson | Real Cool Vibe