Title: New Music For The New Year



So much new music.  So little time.  Here are (3) upcoming releases I am looking forward to.

Yo La Tengo – There is A Riot Going On – Matador – 03/16/18

Some 30 years into their career Yo La Tengo have taken fans on a musical journey that includes styles ranging from folk music (Fakebook) to driving alt-rock (Electro-Pura). It is easy to get excited about a new Yo La Tengo album. Mostly because you are never quite sure what you are going to get. Based on recently published interviews it is clear that the band took a different approach to recording this album. Rather than work with a producer and engineer they recorded the album themselves in their rehearsal space fleshing together songs using Pro Tools. This is a new approach for a veteran band and is sure to produce some interesting results.

Hot Snakes – Jericho Sirens – Sub Pop – 03/16/18

Like many fans of Hot Snakes, I discovered this band via its members other projects. Most notably in my case is the San Diego band Rocket From The Crypt - who I first discovered and saw in concert in 1990 while living in Los Angeles. I have been a RFTC fan ever since and by extension also the Hot Snakes. After releasing previous albums on guitarist John Reis’ Swami Records this new release will be coming out on Sub Pop. I have to think that is a good sign. On recently released teaser-track Six Wave Hold-Down the band seems tighter and more focused than ever. If the rest of the album follows suit, this release is destined to be a punk rock classic.

Floating Action - Heartache Essentials – TBD

Seth Kaufman, aka Floating Action, is one of the most prolific and consistently excellent musicians working today. How and why his music remains largely undiscovered has long been a mystery to me. One of the reasons is undoubtedly that Mr. Kaufman is not big on self-promotion. Regardless, his music is readily available and worthy of discovery by a larger audience. With first-class song writing and influences ranging from reggae, dub, folk, and rock each Floating Action album is unique and original. If you are interested in learning more, I suggest listening to his catalogue in chronological order. In doing so, you will find an artist who has consistently evolved by building on his previous ideas and integrating new sounds, instrumentation, and recording techniques into each new project. 


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